Meru’s Mad Wonderland New Year Eve’s Party

Meru Mad Wonderland-100

We love hosting an iconic themed party for New Year’s Eve each year. This year’s Meru’s Mad Wonderland theme was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s bedtime story, Alice in Wonderland. A full house of guests joined in for a gastronomical experience of tastes paired with themed performances and spectacular entertainment at The Dome.

Guests were dressed to the nines and welcomed with Alice-inspired signature “Drink Me” drinks served in potion bottles, as they were dragged into the magical fairy tale. As the Queen of Hearts ordered the doors to be open, all the guests tripped down the rabbit hole through the entrance arch, following crazy signs that read  ‘that way, this way’ or ‘up and down’, until they reach their destination, a fantastical land that has been created in The Dome.

The big head pale faced Queen of Hearts together with her sister the stunning White Queen, Hearts soldiers, beautiful Alice and the funniest, loveliest and all round great Mad Hatter greeted everyone as they entered the transformed wonderland with over-sized props and theme decorations.

Guests were entertained  by the live acts especially the stage magician who was the limelight for the night. They enjoyed exquisite buffet dinner as the magician hop from table to table and top hat full of tricks accompanied by beautiful sounds of a three-piece band.

The celebration got even crazier when the dancers performed the popular Johnny Depp “Futterwacken” dance adopted from the movie. Adding to the magic, were special prizes for best dressed as well as other wonderland themed games (five senses, rewind game and guess the language), together with lucky draws, which was the most awaited event for the night.

Guests spent the last hour of 2019 going “entirely bonkers “at the dance party as the DJ kept everyone entertained with the 80’s and 90s beat to welcome in 2020.