Earth Hour 2024

Join us on 23 March as we come together to pay tribute to Mother Earth once again.  Our Earth Hour celebration from 6.30am to 9.30pm will be a fun-filled event filled with meaningful activities. 

 Get ready for:  

  1. Golf Course Run / Walk  
  2. Blood Donation & Health Screening 
  3. Kids Colouring Contest  
  4. Five Clubs Golf Challenge  
  5. DIY Plastic Bottle Flowers
  6. Electric Vehicle Demo  
  7. Trash4Cash  
  8. Fabric Recycle 
  9. Save Energy, No Buggy
  10. Candlelight Dinner  
  11. Lights Off  
  12. 60+ Formation  

  To register or to find out more, visit http://earthhour.mvrb.my