Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA)
Personal Data & Information Notice

The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 is an Act to regulate the processing of personal data in commercial transactions. This Notice is issued to all our members in compliance to the Act.

In the course of your dealings with Meru Valley Resort Bhd and / or Meru Valley Group of Companies, we will request for information to enable us to deliver notices, products and / or services in connection with our business. These are necessary for our business process, planning, promotion, marketing and client profiling for the purpose of providing our services and related products to you.

When you register with us as a member, you will be required to provide your name, gender, particulars of identity documents (including NRIC or passport number), telephone or mobile number, email address, nationality, occupation, private and business address, details of spouse and children and credit card details for payment purpose.

Failure from not providing the personal data will result in us being unable to provide you with the products and / or services requested, unable to update you on our latest products, promotions or notices.

Your personal data provided to us will be kept confidential and you hereby consent and authorise us to maintain, provide or disclose your personal data to the following parties for the purposes stated above:

• Third parties who provide data processing services and are contractually bound to adequately safeguard your personal information
• Any person, who is under a duty of confidentiality who has undertaken to keep such data confidential which the Company has engaged to fulfil its obligations to you
• Our auditors, consultants, lawyers and bankers
• Companies within the Group, such as other subsidiary, related company and associate company

If you would like to request access to your personal data, for correction or communicate to us your objection to the use of your personal data or would like to withdraw your consent, please have your written request to the Membership Services Department. Any data access request is subject to a fee payable in accordance to the Act. We reserve the right to decline to process requests which are frivolous and not practical.

All written requests be addressed to:

Membership Services Department
Meru Valley Resort
Jalan Bukit Meru
30020 Ipoh
Fax No. : 05-5293311
Email address : membership@meruvalley.com.my or membership_svc@meruvalley.com.my