The Dome October Specials

Oden Ramen Soup                                        

RM 22.00 (M)    RM 25.00 (G) 

Feast your stomach on piping hot Oden-based ramen soup packed with fish cakes, meatballs, and prawn gyoza, topped with a Japanese soft-boiled egg. 

Honey Green Tea  

Creamy Gochujang Beef Penne                        

RM 28.00 (M)    RM 32.00 (G) 

An East meets West type of pasta, be ready for an explosion of flavours with our creamy Gochujang penne stir-fried with tender beef slices.  

Honey Green Tea 

Chicken Briyani Family Set (for 4 pax)              

RM 128.00 (M)    RM 138.00 (G) 

Nasi Chicken Briyani with Boiled Eggs 

  • Prawn Masala 
  • Bombay Fried Fish 
  • Aloo Gobi 
  • Pickled Vegetables 
  • Vegetable Dhal Curry 
  • Papadum 

*Prices are exclusive of 6% service tax & 5% service charge 

Our October Specials are also available for take-away while a free in-resort delivery service is available from 11:30am-8:00pm. To place your orders, call 05 529 3358 or WhatsApp: https://wa.me/c/60178786482.