Earth Hour 2023

Join us on 25 March as we come together to pay tribute to Mother Nature once again. To be held from 6.30am to 9.30pm, our Earth Hour celebration will be a fun-filled one with meaningful activities. 

We have: 

  1. Golf Course Run / Walk 
  2. Blood Donation 
  3. Kids Coloring Contest 
  4. Five Clubs Golf Challenge 
  5. Electric Vehicle Demo 
  6. 60+ Light Formation 
  7. Trash4Cash 
  8. Candlelight Dinner 
  9. DIY Air Plants 
  10. Lights Off 
  11. Save Energy, No Buggy 
  12. DIY Solar Car 

To register or to find out more about our events, visit https://earthhour.mvrb.my/.