The Dome February Specials

Good Fortune Family Set   

RM 208.00 (M)    RM 238.00 (G)   

A prosperous and sumptuous feast for the auspicious season featuring: 

  • Salmon Yee Sang 
  • Yam Ring with Kung Pao Prawn 
  • Braised Broccoli with Shimeji Mushrooms and Vegetarian Goose 
  • Ginger Onion Garoupa Fish Fillet 
  • Steamed Fragrant Rice 


Chicken Karaage & Aloo Gobi Baguette 

RM 28.00 (M)    RM 33.00 (G)   

An unlikely but exquisite pairing of Japanese fried chicken with aromatic spiced cauliflower potato curry from North India, eaten with toasted garlic bread and a side of curly fries. 

Honey Lemon Tea   


Tan Tan Noodle 

RM 20.00 (M)    RM 24.00 (G)   

Chinese Sichuan noodle covered in a savoury spiced meat gravy and garnished with freshly sliced vegetables and crunchy beancurd skin. 

Honey Lemon Tea   


*Prices are exclusive of 6% service tax & service charge  

Our Monthly Specials are also available for take-away while a free in-resort delivery service is available from 11:30am-8:00pm. To place your orders, call 012 261 6771 or WhatsApp: https://wa.me/c/60178786482.