The Dome’s October Specials

Fish Maw
Dome Meatless Menu
Fish Maw
Beef iPOH

Miss dining out? The Dome’s October specials have been thoughtfully put together by our chef to make your dining experience a remarkable one.

The Meru Meat-free Family Set is a feast of four sumptuous dishes enough to satisfy up to four people. The Braised Vegetarian Goose with Broccoli and Mushrooms is a Chinese-style banquet dish of beancurd skin, complemented by a garden of broccoli florets and mushrooms, braised in a light flavourful gravy, while Chef’s Special Vegetarian Lamb Curry of mock lamb curry infused with different herbs and spices will make you heap on the rice. Then, there is the Crispy Sweet and Sour Vegetarian Chicken of flour coated vegetarian chicken pieces deep fried till crunchy and wok tossed in a vibrant sweet and sour sauce, and Braised Japanese Beancurd in Egg Gravy where you have Japanese egg tofu lightly fried till golden brown before stir-fried in a silky egg drop gravy. All of these, accompanied by healthy Organic Multigrain Rice.
RM 68.00 (M)    RM 78.00 (G)

The Fish Maw Curry Noodles, which comes with a choice of yellow noodles or vermicelli topped with chilli cockles, long beans, prawns, fish cake and crispy fried beancurd in a steaming hot creamy curry broth, makes a rich and satisfying meal. Our version of this favourite hawker fare is made more luxurious with the addition of braised fish maw. Served with a refreshing honey green tea.
RM 17.50 (M)    RM 19.50 (G)

The Roasted Beef Crostini is made from freshly toasted traditional Swiss Sunday bread topped with juicy roast beef slices, sautéed onions, gherkins, tomatoes, and a spread of creamy aromatic Tzatziki dip, served with a side of crispy curly fries and soothing honey green tea.
RM 22.00 (M)    RM 25.00 (G)

We have resumed dine in for fully vaccinated members, and accompanied children 17 years and below,  and we are excited to serve you again. If you’re not ready to dine in, you can always savour these new flavours at home.

To place you order, call 05 529 3358 or WhatsApp https://wa.me/c/60178786482.

Specials’ Menu is available from 01 October until 30 October, Monday – Sunday, 11am to 9pm, with last orders at 8.30pm.

Prices exclusive of 6% service tax.