World Handicap System 2020

World Handicap system-100

The World Handicap System (WHS) has launched a unified and more inclusive handicapping system for the first time. This system has and will go live gradually from country to country throughout the year.

Developed by the R&A and USGA in close coordination with existing handicapping authorities, the
WHS will provide all golfers with a consistent measure of playing ability, with handicaps calculated in the same way wherever they are in the world.

A key objective of the initiative was to develop a modern system, enabling as many golfers as possible to obtain and maintain a Handicap Index. Golfers will be able to transport their Handicap Index globally and compete or play a casual round with players from other regions on a fair basis. It will also indicate the score a golfer is reasonably capable of achieving the next time they go out to play.

The USGA and the R&A have also developed a series of golfer-focused materials, including videos, infographics and posters, which can be used by national associations and shared with golf clubs for the benefit of golfers.
For more information logon to mgaonline.com.my/nhs-information/