Junior Golf Academy

Wouldn’t it be exciting to share the same hobby with your child? Enrol your child in our Junior Golf Academy Programme.

Open to juniors aged 8 to 16 regardless of ability, the Meru Valley Junior Golf Academy (MVJGA) teaches your child all the basics in golf and more. It will only be a matter of time before you both tee off to a game of golf together.

Contact our academy at 05-525 1528 or email us at academy@meruvalley.com.my to enrol your future star.

Junior Golf Academy

The Concept & Function of our Programme

The Meru Valley Junior Golf Development Program has been designed with the aim of teaching juniors the game of golf. It is also designed with the aim of developing the following core values:

1. Honesty
2. Integrity
3. Sportsmanship
4. Respect
5. Confidence
6. Responsibility
7. Perseverance
8. Courtesy

Primarily there two stages to the Junior Club Program

● Learning Program (Age Based)
● Advanced Program (Skill Based)

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Methods of Instruction

The most important aspect of this programme is to enable each student to achieve his/her personal best through four primary instructional areas:

  1. Rules of Golf
  2. Swing Fundamentals
  3. Course Management
  4. Personal Confidence & Advancement

Eligibility / Groupings

The Meru Valley Junior Academy Programme is open to all boys and girls age 8-16. Juniors will be grouped into beginner,4,9 & 18-hole play divisions on the basis of age and ability.

Lessons Offered

CUBS is aimed at the youngest golfers, age 8 to 12. Through fun and enjoyable golf games, they’ll learn basic skills and get to interact with other children of a similar age group who are also new to golf. The Champ’s program runs for 10 consecutive weeks with 90-minute group lessons each week.

PANTHER is also aimed at the juniors age 8 to 12 but have either learned introductory golf elsewhere, or have advanced from the Champ’s classes. It is specifically designed to create confident young golfers and encourage them to see golf as a life-long sport. Each Junior will learn the basics in a relaxed and fun environment with a strong emphasis on interactive learning through target-based games.

ELITES is the advanced class for those who have qualified through attending the entry learn classes. Learning simple golf course play whilst improving their ball striking skills is paramount to this learning phase. ELITE is designed to sharpen skills and broaden the child’s golf knowledge, the thinking and planning of the game is introduced. Pre-shot routines will be applied with an overall focus on learning to play. Juniors will have a sound knowledge of each aspect of the game and learning to apply this knowledge to the course is the objective.

EAGLES are for the advanced junior who has progressed through the full program or shows adequate ability through previous experience. Video and more in-depth techniques will be applied and tested regularly. A particular level of Maturity must be evident as they will need to understand golf etiquette as they will be playing the full golf course. They will learn how to keep simple stats and learn how to assess their strength and weaknesses from these. The course they play is lengthened as they improve their skills and reach qualifying targets. A practice routine is introduced for Eagles as it is helpful for them to be practicing specific skills at this stage.

Each class is limited to 20 children and the program term consists of 10 session.