Nagging Pain and When You Should Seek for Help

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Want to be pain free? Soreness, muscle fatigue, aches and minor pains are part of the process of building strength and endurance. But what if you start experiencing more significant pain – the kind that won’t go away with rest? It’s time to seek professional help and Meru Renew Physical Therapy is a great place to start.

Pain is your body’s alarm system, it’s a way of telling you something is not quite right. The “traffic light” analogy is used by therapist to understand the pain in relation to the activity which causes it. (Source from:International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP).

•Red: An activity where you feel pain during, the pain remains after, and it perhaps worsens later that day or night.
•Yellow: An activity where you feel some low-level discomfort while performing an activity, but it subsides immediately or soon
after the activity ends and is not worse later.
•Green: An activity where you can move pain free and have no residual issues after the activity ceases.

If you find yourself in the red category, it is highly recommended that you should put your activity on hold until the symptoms subside — it’ll prevent aggravation of the condition or causing greater pain.

Once you are in the yellow category, you could continue the activity with modifications to help decrease symptoms and it’s also a good time to seek a physical therapist. The earlier the problem is treated, the better the chances of full recovery.

Don’t wait until the pain or discomfort has become a companion, find a qualified therapist at Meru Renew Physical Therapy to feel the difference.

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